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    Travelling Alone

    I have never travel alone, well I did when I was single and that time my boyfriend (now my husband) waiting for me at the airport. Last week I made a decision to attend a course in KL and its going to held for 6 days, 3 days for each session. Meaning I have to fly twice to KL, well I love to learn about it, it is not only for my own good but also for helping my family and friends. I will elaborate more about what I am learning in the next post.

    Thursday morning, after sending my children to school, my husband send me straight to the airport, flight was at 10:50am, so I have to sit there for few hours, well I can do direct mail marketing for that few hours of just siting down and waiting.

    On the flight, we have to wait another 15 minutes due to problems of a passenger who cannot be on board, god’s know for what reason ..so they have to find the person’s luggage to take it out from there.. done.. then we fly…. Touch down at 1:30pm, walk..walk..damn my bag was so heavy .. took the bus to KL Central, the trainer and his wife were waiting for me, they send me to the Hotel, took lunch with them, back to the hotel and have an early sleep..zzzz.

    It was tiring but interesting journey.