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    Gastric Day

    I have been feeling discomfort lately.. nausea, heartburn, discomfort in my stomach… and even..diarrhea. I know i am having or attacked by gastric.

    I have been careful with my diet but i don’t understand sometimes what trigger gastritis. I know i can get gastric after drinking tea, so i consume less and whenever i consume nescafe i got no problem but sometimes gastric triggered.

    After trying this and that.. drink this and that.. sometimes i got gastric sometimes not with that same drink.. i then discover.. whenever i consumer coffee that are too strong or sweet..my gastric triggered. I cannot eat spicy food..but i am loving it.. Yesterday was the worse day, its gastric day..huhu..feel so terrible.

    Whatever it is i really have to control my diet.. take care of myself, i don’t want to get that gastric pain and i want to be far from sindrome. I don’t like having that gastric..really have to watch what i’m eating now.