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    Go Away Acne

    I remember those days when i was a teenager, i was 15 years old when i saw my friend had a pimples and i found it interesting and matured.. i was blessed for not having pimples at that age but i really loves to have it..stupid isn’t it.  If i think about it..huhu.. i laughed..nobody like having acne on their face.. but the red dot really look cute on other.  I had pimples after leaving school, it was stressful and shameful to have face full of red dots.  The cleanser that had pimples out from my skin when i still had a younger skin was Green Tea Cleanser by Body Shop.

    Even now.. acne wont leave my face.. no more teenage face, i need adult acne treatments for my skin.  I know when the usual time acne get to my skin.. few days before my menses and when i am really having stress.  I just drink plenty water..and try to reduce stress.. its just normal for me having acne now and gone after two or three days.  I really hate acne.. how i wish i still have the baby skin.

    Huuhu.. i know acne can make us look so ugly but try not to think about it too much it will make us feel uglier.. go away acne!


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    No Mixing Up

    I really need a printer, i got few documents that i need to print sometimes can’t wait to print in the office and i think it is necessary to have printer on our own as well as a computer or laptop. We need printer to print our documents, letters and now online ticket..for our reference. I am thinking to buy the epson receipt printer, i saw it in a computer shop the other day..it offers quiet and speedy performance..interesting.

    Well, need to get it but i think i better survey for better price somewhere first. My brother let me use his printer/scanner but only the scanner working. So once i got a printer i will have an office at home, how cool is that… and i don’t need to print my personal things in the office..no mixing up.


    Office work only in the office, personal at home..no mixing up!