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    How to Look and Feel Sexy

    To feel SEXY doesn’t mean you need to have the body of a supermodel, you can feel and look sexy with what you have now.. chubby, skinny, short ..The secret to feel sexy is having an inner confidence in yourself , being comfortable with what you have and also having a good self esteem, its how you bring yourself, how you talk to others… it is a package of a great personality. Be yourself!


    Love yourself. Accepting what God given you, from the shape of your face, eyes, nose, lips.. appreciate what you have. When you start to accept your looks and your body, you will love yourself, you push away those heavy obstacles that prevent you from feeling good about yourself, from feeling sexy. Read self-help books that can help you create that positive outlook about yourself so that you could start to like yourself a lot.

    Really want to know how to look good or sexy? lets start..


    Put on makeup, start with the basic, mosturizer, foundation and blusher. Makeup for daylight are natural, don’t make it so obvious. Makeup is to make you look good not to change how you look.

    Okay now look yourself in the mirror… which part of your face do you see that is attractive?

    Your eyes? look at your lips..smile, is it your lips?

    now if you feel you have sexy looking eyes.. put on nice colour – learn the technique on how to apply eyeshadow.. shimer eyeshadow look nice..don’t forget to curl the eyelashes and shape the eyebrow.

    if you have sexy smile, wear a lipstick colour that suits you and don’t forget to add gloss..glossy lips look sexy.. and don’t forget to smile.


    How do I know what shape face

    I have? All you need is a mirror, Alice band and never to be used again lipstick.

    1. Sit in front of the mirror and slick your hair back with the Alice band.

    2. Use the lipstick to draw around your face in the mirror. Move away from the mirror and look at the shape.

    3. Look at the black shapes next to each model below and choose the shape that matches yours the best..Square, Oval, Round, Heart or Long.

    Can’t view anything? click this..Ukhairdresser to view and start searching your hairstyle that suits you.


    Okay this is very important, sexy doesn’t mean to show off… wearing shorts, show your skin, sexy is how you dress, the right dress to the right shape.. show your figure.. your curve..again..not your skin. Whatever body shape you have you only need to maintain it with the right exercise and right fitness equipment.

    Okay now ..stand up straight in front of the mirror.. look at yourself..try to determine what body shape you have.. are you :

    Hourglass Figure

    Inverted Triangle

    Triangle or Pear Shape Body




    Not sure which one is your body type.. no worry i have did everything for your easy reference.. now..click this stylemakeover..

    Analise your own body and you are ready to check out what style of dress or accessories suits your body.

    Once you have done all the above.. you can start walking with confident.. i said confident not with pride.. walk straight..look up and don’t forget to smile to others.

    Are you feeling sexy? with the tips i have given you.. you will look sexy in no time.

    All the best to the new sexy you!