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    Remembering MJ

    It have been a year … The King of Pop- Michael Jackson passed away.. but his music lives!   We can go on and on talking about him.. his gifted talent.. his music.. all about him we heard so many things about.. but only he know the truth.  We only listen, read and do our own assumption.

    Remember when Rev Sharpton speech during the memorial.. “There wasn’t nothing strange about your daddy,” he said, addressing Jackson’s three children. “It was strange what your daddy had to deal with!”

    I love all of his songs.. so inspiring and motivating..lyrics are meaningful. we love him for his music and his style…his dance move..and most of all we love him for he is MJ.. nobody can replace him.

    A few unforgettable pictures from the memorial service last year. With that large crowd, that big hall, expensive coffin, just imagine how much is the funeral costs.

    It was a touching moment especially when his daughter Paris delivered her short speech that have made us all in tears.





    Rest in Peace..MJ.