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Ohh.. i am in the mood of shopping online. I am thinking of things for my children, maybe books or toys.. it would be great if i can get online coupons .. i can get discount for purchase items. The first item i ever purchased online was the Apha CD from UK, it took 2 weeks to get to my hand.. blame it on the ‘ash clouds’ .. in May.

Okay.. let me start searching for interesting website … mmm maybe i google for Toy Story 3, any items will do.. t’shirts, toys.. I will start searching in Disney or

Yaii..look what i have found!.. interesting.. price are reasonable..



I wonder how big this is…i cannot imagine receiving a huge box at the office..huhu..


Okay got to go.. need to check my paypal.. if i have enough to buy online..see you guys.. i will be doing my shopping.


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  1. SJB says:

    Have fun shopping hehehe.

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