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    My Baby Girl Down With Fever

    My children were reluctant to go to daycare yesterday.. well.. i have too..no choice..where else can i send them to? no maid.. and there were at my parents house last week.    My son have tution but he given reason not to go..while my daughter said.. she is not feeling well..but that is just another excuse.  Being busy at work.. i received a call from the daycare informing me that my daughter vomited and is having fever… oh my! i feel bad for not believing in her.

    I went out early to pick them and went to a private clinic .. well she was having  fever  and temperature was high..while waiting for our turn ..she vomited at the reception counter.. poor baby.

    This year, my children frequently got sick.. i am trying to figure out why.. they have been taking vitamins.  Nobody to blame, just blame it on the weather, easier that way.  But i will just need to find out how to prevent my children and also myself and husband for not getting sick.

    If you have any tips or anything for that reason..please let me know.