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Sleep, Rest..Appreciate Yourself

Okay now.. i really have the time to do anything.. clean up the house, dusting, clean the window.. and other chores that i wanted to do if i don’t have my children in the house.  Well.. guess what!.. my children stay over at my parents house and it is only me and hubby.  Woke up late.. really late.. do the laundry.. had breakfast with hubby while watching tv.. then i realized the tv watching me..huhu.. i fall asleep..i sleep like a baby.


So..instead of a busy schedule which i consider my fat burners day.. i let myself sleep like a baby.  Hubby prepare our simple lunch.. what a lucky girl i am.  Should i feel guilty or regret that i wasted few hours sleeping? no i guess..i don’t have too.. i want to appreciate this great moment of myself.. i deserve that sleep.

Take time to appreciate yourself.. you worth it!


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