Wasted my time, energy and money…

I cannot figure out ..what happened ..is it because of the wp or server.. i have been trying to update my blog.. and when i try to post it unable to save..worse..not even draft saved.  I feel like hitting the computer with something.. or break something.. oh..whatever i do.. it cannot give me back my draft.  My ideas just gone like that.

I have wasted my time, energy and even money because of that matter.  My alli reviews are pending because of this matters.. i really need to look at that matter and solve it..or else.. everything go to waste!

Well.. need to wait for Monday and fix this matter..as soon as possible.  I need to do a few more reviews and story for my new post.


See ya!


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2 Responses to “Wasted my time, energy and money…”

  1. SJB says:

    Laptop saya pun ada masalah. Pandai tiba tiba shout down. Bikin meradang.

  2. shirley aka beautiza says:

    iya bah..kin panas kalu problem kan

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