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    Wasted my time, energy and money…

    I cannot figure out ..what happened ..is it because of the wp or server.. i have been trying to update my blog.. and when i try to post it unable to save..worse..not even draft saved.  I feel like hitting the computer with something.. or break something.. oh..whatever i do.. it cannot give me back my draft.  My ideas just gone like that.

    I have wasted my time, energy and even money because of that matter.  My alli reviews are pending because of this matters.. i really need to look at that matter and solve it..or else.. everything go to waste!

    Well.. need to wait for Monday and fix this matter..as soon as possible.  I need to do a few more reviews and story for my new post.


    See ya!


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    Thinking of Him..

    I took my vitamin..sit  in the room and start blogging… now..wait!.. oh my! i don’t have anything to write.. oh no! not again!… I am sure i have something in mind.. damn it just blown away. I don’t have enough time..and now..no ideas?

    Alright now i remember.. driving back with my hubby.. the radio station we were listening playing the popular 80’s song that i still can remember.. the lyrics.. the looks of the singer.. back then..he was so handsome..or cute for that matter… I use to love him..and now missing him…thinking of him..  most of his songs are sentimental and romantic.. can you guess?

    Look at his picture…..do you still remember this cute face?


    No? how about this songs…

    Tommy Page – I’ll Be Your Everything (1990) from Ckvance / Pixel Ghetto on Vimeo.

    Tommy Page – A Shoulder To Cry On from Ckvance / Pixel Ghetto on Vimeo.

    I imagine Tommy Page in front of me singing this song.. oooh… and i can’t get enough of it.. i got hooked listening to him now.. his official website.

    If you don’t remember this song or the singer…probably you are too old or too young…huhu..

    Refresh.. remember your beautiful memories? happy listening!