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    Buy Online

    Ohh.. i am in the mood of shopping online. I am thinking of things for my children, maybe books or toys.. it would be great if i can get online coupons .. i can get discount for purchase items. The first item i ever purchased online was the Apha CD from UK, it took 2 weeks to get to my hand.. blame it on the ‘ash clouds’ .. in May.

    Okay.. let me start searching for interesting website … mmm maybe i google for Toy Story 3, any items will do.. t’shirts, toys.. I will start searching in Disney or Amazon.com.

    Yaii..look what i have found!.. interesting.. price are reasonable..



    I wonder how big this is…i cannot imagine receiving a huge box at the office..huhu..


    Okay got to go.. need to check my paypal.. if i have enough to buy online..see you guys.. i will be doing my shopping.


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    Interesting Video Games

    What is happening to our world? We becoming so hi-tech, everything so modernize from your mobile phone,  media and any communications gadgets it all come with wii accessories.

    We were walking in a shopping complex, a guy stopped us.. showing us the game they were selling..he gave my son a tools..that look like a tennis racket .. and asked him to swing.. oh it is a tennis games.. haha.. it is funny but interesting. . Oh my! outdoor games should be played outdoor but it is interesting that somebody invented outdoor games as such.. no doubt its fun.

    So the next time you need to sweat..just buy that outdoor video games where you can play anytime you like.

    Share with me any interesting video game!


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    Garden Fish Pond

    After few times postponed.. my husband decided to clean up his aquarium last Sunday.. oh what a relieved for the fishes…i can imagine the how the fishes feels… gladly..they can breath enough and clean oxygen.  My husband loves fishes…his dream are to make a garden  pond for fishes..huhu sure he need to have pond algae control to maintain the garden pond. Well..he have to wait till we move to a house .. i can’t wait for the fish pond.. i am sure he will make an interesting garden fish pond..he have the skills to do it..he loves landscaping.. the only thing now is space.. so got to wait for that.

    I saw this pic from earth-n-waterlandscapes.com.. im sure my husband would love this as his inspiration. Bacalla_North_Providence_RIsmall

    My family  would love to sit and watch the wishes swims!