Sometimes i wonder why people act different from the way they looks.. i mean the character.. sometimes you can’t read them.. they look nice and wonderful but if you get to know them ..its imaginable.

    I love to have so many new friends.. everybody does.. but when you meet somebody who have super ego..what would you do?  this person can kill my self esteem..i rather ignore than dealing with this person’s characteristic.  I feel like swallowing fat burning pills receiving comments from this person… dangerous..sorry i just have to let you go.  I love myself and i know i don’t deserve to be treated or talk like that.. nobody can change me!

    You may be genius..but you are not the greatest!  but i forgive you..and if i am the one who made a mistake..i just hope you forgive me…You ae still my friend..but you will not be in my first or second rank of friends.. you are just somewhere.


    Give yourself a priority..not others!