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    Happy Long Holidays

      Wow..wee!.. a long holidays… from Wesak Day to Kaamatan and holiday replacement.. included weekend..we have 5 days ..holidays!  Yesterday..most people taken their leave and others applied ‘off day’ from wednesday to friday.. wuhuu..that is a long holiday indeed.

      From a religious event to a celebration…what we usually do during the holiday…if not going out shopping…we eat and sleep… probably over eating for some reason..oops..worrying.  I better check my weight..and see if any additional kg by next week.. or else need to get the best colon cleanse… you know what it will do.. cleanse..cleanse.  So, why worry if you have so many alternate way to go back to your kg..eat as much as you like..but don’t forget to exercise.

      600714mxwv5h58pvTake this opportunity to be with your loves one, family and friends…Happy Holidays!