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    My Name is Khan


    I was watching this movie..‘My Name is Khan’.. i hated it.. not that it is not good..but it is a great movie that touches my heart. The movie is about the reality and it was sad, i will not share the story here if you have not seen it.. go and get the cd.  I love the story ..it makes me cry.. there were sad moment ‘dying’.. for those who work in the hospital...it wouldn’t be a problem but to me..that ‘dying moment’ really makes me emotional.

    Sneak peak..it is the experiences and challenges to one family and how it changes because of 911.   Thumps up to Karan Johar , it is a great movie… world class!.  This is the first movie without singing and dancing.. well one song in the church though.  The message is religion is peace not hate and war.  As for the leading actor  Shahrukh Khan,  he did a great job as somebody with Asperger syndrome and Kajol really makes me feel the pain and hurts she feels as a mother.

    What else can i say about the movie.. it was happy in the beginning… quite emotional in the middle..but the best is.. as what i wanted.. ‘Happy Ending’.

    Peace be with you!