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Natural Therapies for our Mind

Our body totally depends on our mind…that is true.. the other day i experienced back pain.. but i try not to think about it too much..and try to relax.. slowly the pain ease bit by bit. Remember my earlier post about my son? how he ran away… i don’t feel carrying his bag while running was heavy anymore..but my mind almost blank… i almost fainted.. i feel exhausted until that worry, guilt, it’s hard to let go.. my whole body feel the stress.

When we feel stress.. we will feel the whole body involves.. we tend to swallow any pill that helps.. but now we all go back to the basic… our sense of smell and listening to music.. The smell that can calm your nerves..and even can cure illness….they can help blend it for you to give you the right combination of what you need.. ever heard of aromatherapy? i know somebody who is doing this business. As for the music.. it is not any ordinary music…does Alphamusic familiar to you? …it is specially composed for relaxing, calming and other illness.    Both are natural therapies for our mind.   Don’t worry i will post about this two subject soon…let me get the outcome from it first then i can share with you.

So the next time you feel stress, anxiety, emotion don’t look for pill… try the scent and music. There are so many testimonial that i feel.. ‘to good to be true’ need to get apidexin reviews anymore… but if you don’t believe it..then try it!

2091861sgji2ya8o8Good luck and be sure to get the right aroma..



  • SJB

    Kalau saya rasa begini kan. Saya tutup tu pintu terus take a long bath satu orang tanpa gangguan heheh. lama lama betul tu pandai hilang tu rasa stress.

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