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    Prayer for My Son

    I thank you lord for giving me a normal son even though he is really active.. really active that i almost fainted when ran without waiting to be hold.. ran into the busy parking lot and moving vehicles.

    I thank you lord for sending angels to protect him.. he ran so fast that i cannot even see where he was going.. and when i saw him..he was crossing the deep drain and next thing i know he was at the roadside.. still calling my name..while running. All i can do is pray hard.. and i shout my lungs out for his name to come back to me.

    I thank you lord for sending him back to me.. safely.. and i did not scolded him i hugged him.. i was so afraid he will do that again.

    I need you lord to give me strength to handle him.. according to your way.. with patience and love..

    I need you lord to give me wisdom on how to get the right medication according to what we belief..the prayer.

    It have been hard sometimes.. stressful and exhausted dealing with this situation..almost took herbal phentermine to calm myself but i have strong determination and believe that he will change..at least a bit focus and relax.

    A child don’t see danger..to them having fun is the greatest feeling..and exploring is what the do best!