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My First Review on Fashion’s Event you all know that i have another blog which is more on fashion..that is just something i love to do.. and do simple review..but last week i recieved an email that is for me to do review on their event on fashion… wow.. i was thrilled.. me? i think you got the wrong person…  I am just a blogger and do review for pleasure.

Then i said to myself..why not? let me just try.. i got the information and pictures from him..and start is not a review on fashion actually only more on the event..i posted it.. and he loves it… he text me ‘it is perfect!’.. wow that is a compliment to my writing..that is an achievement to my blog.

I love when my job being valued.. thank you.. don’t be surprise next time i will do wrinkle cream reviews or make up reviews.. I will say for now it’s free but next time i will put a price on it..hehe.  Whatever it is.. i hope i deliver the message to the audience.

First request is a starting of an opening opportunities!



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