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    Dealing With Emotions

    Imagine.. if we cannot hide our feelings and emotion.. we laugh all the way whenever we think of something sad or touches our heart.. we cry while walking ..we don’t care what other people think.. like the cardboard displays.. ‘i am sad, do not disturb’ written on our forehead.

    Well it is hard to pretend but sometimes when we have too.. then we realize we need to focus to get rid of our emotion.. and even harder if it’s just for a while.. and it will come back to again.. haunting.. killing you softly…it is unhealthy.

    You can see a person with a strong personality as if there is nothing he/she feels.. emotionally.. they maybe hiding it..we don’t know.

    Why is it hard to deal with our emotions? why can’t we get rid of it as simple as getting rid of any object..where you can hold and throw away..as simple as that. Oh..i wish i can do that..even right now..damm it coming back again.

    I have been trying to analyze this.. but i guess i needed different approach..that is..to approach.. i want Q&A.. then i will feel relieve.. i want answer..then it might go away.. again..it might totally not the answer until i try.


    I wish i could just say.. i can let you go now..and i won’t get emotional.


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    Birthday Without Cake

    Last Friday..was a great day.. not just because i met my best friends but a good friend even for a while.. anyway i waited for my bff collete at her office then proceed to fetch our dear bff fele from her office.. then straight to dinner.

    We cannot wait for our bff Cay.. because she will only be in KK in Dec.. we will be few months older waiting for her..huhu.. another bff flora.. we haven’t seen for .. can’t remember when the last time we met.. we only meet in FB.. if she online.

    We ordered… as you can see..


    The happy faces..


    Real happy faces.. after drinking too much.. non alcohol drink. We talk too much.. but not enough time.. only personal chit chat.


    We will celebrate our birthday together wait for another two to come…that is we don’t know when. It was a great, short dinner aka birthday celebration for Fele but without cake.

    Happy Birthday Felecity.. we love you.. may god always be with you and your family.. wishing you good health, more love and joy… most of all, good luck and opportunity for wealth.