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My Long Hair Inspirations

    Well.. when was the last time i kept my hair long? oh.. the time i got married.. it was long and curly.. but once i got married.. i cut it short with style ofcourse.. but once i have my first child i never grow my hair long again..never.

    Now..just recently.. my goal this year..i want to keep my hair long..well at least up to my shoulder or longer.  I feel that having longer hair makes you look feminine and sexy.. agree?   I almost give up earlier this year..almost cut my hair ..again..but i really want to try to have a long least a year..haha.. well these beautiful ladies..inspires me to have that hair..



    Its not easy to take care of this long hair.. whenever i brush my hair.. i will see my hair everywhere on the floor..oh my.. maybe i need to find a hair loss cure for that.. and if i wash my hair i really need to use the hair dryer to dry my hair where as when i have shorter hair i just use the towel.. it can dry faster..too much of work to be done.. but again.. satisfaction is important.

    I will try to keep my hair least until end of the year.. see how it goes.

    Be confident..and feel will make you feel younger!


    Working mom


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