Tonight.. yes only and my husband got the chance to relax.  My children stay overnight at my parents only for tonight.. the chance of a life time.. once in the blue moon.   They too need time with their grandparents.. they need the bonding.. the family bonding.

This is the time that i don’t need to sleep early, i don’t need to prepare anything to anybody.. no need to clean anything.. we just let it as it is ..for tonight.

It have been a tiring day and night for all of us.. i am mentally and physically tired.. really need vitamins for women to keep me going..  i train my brain by reading books or any interesting articles.. i have not started any exercises or jogging  yet.. i need to claim that promises.

Me and hubby went out for a dinner earlier and we bought a kite for our children..see if the weather permited we will go outing.. let the kite fly.  We have plan to do a house cleaning tomorrow while the children still not around.. for now i need to have a good night sleep.


Relax and enjoy the moment.