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First Step For A Healthy Living

I did mentioned in my earlier post that i went to see a doctor the day before, doctor check my blood pressure.. and he told me that my blood pressure is quite  low.  No wonder i have been experiencing blur vision once in a while and feel dizzy…i even experience cold sweat and chest pain.  I never thought that is the symptom of having low blood pressure or Hypotension.

Reading the articles about the sickness make me feel sick even more.. i wanted to check how to cure and what proper diet to take .. without thinking of weight loss surgery that’s for sure.  I will concentrate reading on how to handle this.. rather than reading the whole articles.

My have already plan something tomorrow evening.. i will bring my family and have a nice walk in a park after school/work.. just enjoy ourselves get sweat.. no need to run.. just walk and have fun.  That will be a start of a healthy living.  That simple moment will make the family grow healthier and more bonding.

Really need to get enough rest, enough water, enough vitamins and nutrients, more love, more joy, not only for me but my whole family.

Love and joy will heal and overcome stress.. let there be more love in our live and peace in our mind.



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