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Skin Scream

I am unable to escape this duty..this responsibility.. i love taking my son from school but to be under the sun.. that is so guilty to my skin.. i wouldn’t know if my day creams are able to protect from the sun entirely. My skin must have been screaming for help if the cream don’t have enough UV.  I spend at least 30 minute exposing my skin to the sun.. no doubt a skin will scream for help.

I love my skin.. we all do.. i saw a few mothers who wears big hat.. and others wearing long gloves.. it really shows how concern we mothers on our skin. I know what my skin wants right now… a massage.. a spa.. haven’t had that for a very long time.

Working mom

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  • SJB

    Saya pun tidak suka berjemur oh..Kalau kami pigi jalan tu kan, saya tidak kisah tu saya bawah ja tu payung hahaha. kau tahu lah orang sini ni suka berjemur tapi no no for me :D.

    Ya kali kau mahu pakai payung ni :D.

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