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Early Mother’s Day

I am trying to get myself back together… this sore throat make me feel terrible.. cold in the office.. sweat under the sun while waiting for my son.. body aching.. my mind not focus.. but i would love to write about this this very moment..

Its started early morning yesterday when i started feeling uneasy.. my husband was so concerned.. on the way back home yesterday i feel so tired..reached home.. i bathed and went straight to daughter show concerned..she asked how i am.. my son..well both of them were very well behaved..which i find very relaxing for me and husband.

My husband did everything.. from doing the laundry.. cooking…clean the dishes… preparing things for the next day.. and even spend his time to teach Sean.. he never asked me for help.. he let me rest..he was  so considerate.

You know what i called yesterday?.. that is a Mother’s day to me.. being able to relax.. it is nice to see my family able to do chores without me asking is wonderful.. it is greater than receiving a bouquet of flowers or an expensive gifts..  just being able to sleep without disturbance.. make me feel so thankful and appreciate what i have is so wonderful.

Today, after sending them to school/work.. i went to the clinic… daddy had to help me get sean from school and send to the daycare..thanks god for family support.. but i don’t want to pampered myself too much.. i have taken my medicine.. i will take nap for awhile.. and will do the house chores after that.. need to get myself together again.. exercise.. got to fight this sickness.

Thank you dear.. for helping me.. and letting me have my time to relax.. i will get you vitamins for men to make you feel better and healthier.

Receiving appreciation makes me feels heals faster!



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