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She is Four!

Oh yes! she was a tiny little baby girl born on April 4, 2006 evening. She grow up so fast in front of my eyes.. i couldn’t believe it.. but yes she is four years old.

On Easter Sunday we celebrated her birthday.. just a simple celebration with family members who are also my emergency assistance, my baby sitter when i am in need..thank God for that.

A week earlier, she celebrated her birthday in her school, i did her birthday invitation cards for classmates a day earlier… and on that day i bring cake and party packs for them… she was so happy!

Picnik collage1

Happy Birthday my girl..mummy loves you more and more each day!


4 thoughts on “She is Four!”

  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    Wah..makin besar hehehe. Ya bah budak budak ni memang cepat membesar kan. Dorang cepat membesar kita cepat tua lah pulak hahahha.

    Anyway, take care.

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