My Curious Little Girl

She makes me smile..she makes me laugh,
at certain time she makes me upset but only for a little while,
she loves to shout when she is moody but whisper when she is sleepy,
she is lovable and funny like mummy.

Oh my baby girl.. you are not a baby anymore.. you are such a big girl.



All i can do now is guide you.. and always pray for God to always protect you, bless you and guide your way.

She grow up very fast in front of my eyes.. she asked so many questions..about my skin….why i have red spot, what is that line near my eyes.. well yes she saw my pimple and wrinkle that reminded me to buy eye wrinkle cream. She just want to know more..and more..

My princess is just an ordinary curious little girl.


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4 Responses to “My Curious Little Girl”

  1. SJB says: kecil kecil pandai sudah mahu ikut gaya si mommy kah. Heheheh cute juga kan kalau dorang pandai sudah mahu ikut ikut gaya kita.

    Oh..tu gambar yang no 2 bah ishh..ish…macam orang dewasa lah pulak hehhehe cute.

  2. shirley aka beautiza says:

    haha.. iya bah.. bgaya betul tu dia.. ko tunggu ko punya girl big gitu..pandai jga tu..hehe

  3. Cay says:

    Adihhh berlipat lagi tu kaki bah ..really a big girl sudah more little nii same goes to my abigail …

  4. shirley says:

    yup.. she is a big big girl..

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