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    My Long Hair Inspirations

      Well.. when was the last time i kept my hair long? oh.. the time i got married.. it was long and curly.. but once i got married.. i cut it short with style ofcourse.. but once i have my first child i never grow my hair long again..never.

      Now..just recently.. my goal this year..i want to keep my hair long..well at least up to my shoulder or longer.  I feel that having longer hair makes you look feminine and sexy.. agree?   I almost give up earlier this year..almost cut my hair ..again..but i really want to try to have a long hair..at least a year..haha.. well these beautiful ladies..inspires me to have that beautiful..long..dark..sexy hair..



      Its not easy to take care of this long hair.. whenever i brush my hair.. i will see my hair everywhere on the floor..oh my.. maybe i need to find a hair loss cure for that.. and if i wash my hair i really need to use the hair dryer to dry my hair where as when i have shorter hair i just use the towel.. it can dry faster..too much of work to be done.. but again.. satisfaction is important.

      I will try to keep my hair long..at least until end of the year.. see how it goes.

      Be confident..and feel beautiful..it will make you feel younger!


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      My Online Boutique Activated

      Hi there dear viewers…introducing my latest blog.. my new Online Boutique.  I have been wanting to create an online boutique but i don’t know how to start… but i never give up.. and i guess the opportunity was just in front of me.. i just need to knock and ask.. the rest is history.

      I found a nice template…which i see suits the theme.. i added necessary widget.. you can create almost everything for free .. the form.. the banner..everything you need for your blog.. you only need to survey, learn and start experimenting.

      Whenever  i visit other online boutiques,  i ask and i learn.. i am still in the process of learning..i find myself asking a lot sometimes.. but i am happy to have nice friends..such great people out there.

      The blog is still fresh and new.. please visit and do some purchasing.. as you know its still new..and i am still adding in new collections.. in the future i will add not only clothing but also accessories, shoes.. just to name a few.. and who know.. i might start doing my own line.. haa.. that will be a dream come true.


      Don’t worry the collections vary from Size S to Plus Siz, so don’t really need to get best weight loss pill to fit in the dress.. fair.

      I have achieved another goal this year.. yeah.. i have not have any income from the new blog just yet but having creating it is just satisfying.

      For those who have visited my blog and the two other blogs.. thank you very much.. i can’t thank enough.. your visit make my day!


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      Time To Relax

      Tonight.. yes only tonight..me and my husband got the chance to relax.  My children stay overnight at my parents only for tonight.. the chance of a life time.. once in the blue moon.   They too need time with their grandparents.. they need the bonding.. the family bonding.

      This is the time that i don’t need to sleep early, i don’t need to prepare anything to anybody.. no need to clean anything.. we just let it as it is ..for tonight.

      It have been a tiring day and night for all of us.. i am mentally and physically tired.. really need vitamins for women to keep me going..  i train my brain by reading books or any interesting articles.. i have not started any exercises or jogging  yet.. i need to claim that promises.

      Me and hubby went out for a dinner earlier and we bought a kite for our children..see if the weather permited we will go outing.. let the kite fly.  We have plan to do a house cleaning tomorrow while the children still not around.. for now i need to have a good night sleep.


      Relax and enjoy the moment.