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Please Share Your Ideas

Oh.. i can say i am out of ideas!… where to get ideas? inspiration? oh i really need that right now.   My mind are preoccupied with so many things right now.. but not for my blog.. lucky i am not in an insurance advertising market..or else i will be out of job.

I need good material for my blog…at least something.. give me something…please?  Do you have any ideas? something you want me to write here… do you have good story to share?  pictures to share… or even secret.. simply anything.


I welcome you to give me feedback..if you don’t like to drop a comment here.. please email me at

Share your grieve will ease your burden..share your thoughts will make you wiser… sharing is simply giving and accepting!



  • SJB

    Ya bah kadang tu begitu lah tu tidak ada ideas mahu tulis hehehe. Patutlah kadang ada orang tu tidak update dia punya blog berbulan bulan. Kali sama lah dorang tu tidak ada ideas hehehe.

  • chegu carol

    hahaha im on ‘blogger’s block’ at the moment. ive not been updating my blog as regular as before. if like before, when im still hunting for paid post, i’d be squeezing the juice out of my brain to do a single entry. now, since im not keen on doing paid post anymore, if i dont have things to blog, thats when you see got sarang labah2 sdh on my site. 😀

  • shirley

    sue… ya memang tu..kadang macam sya mo surrender..tapi i like to write..ideas yg tia pndai datang2..hehe

    chequ … me too..kalu no assnmt..bah no storylah tu..but even ada assmnt pun..kalu sya malas.. tiadalah juga tu..sayang juga tu $$..

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