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    I Have A Dream

    I better keep writing before i get out of ideas .. okay let me ask you… Are you happy? .. are you? to me..i happy to have a family..i have wonderful husband who help me a lot.. who cook better then me.. well.. give him credit.. not everybody that lucky.. and i am happy for having a son and a daughter.. they can make me go nuts and happy at the same time.. some couple have been trying to get a son or a daughter…while i got both.. without even planning of it.

    So..i am happy with the family i have.. and friends around me.. but what about your personal achievement?  Are you happy with your job?. to me.. i am happy for where i am today.. i have always dream to have my own space.. the pay is good…a great and understanding boss..1 in a 100…haha… but i feel like i am living in a box.. not much challenge.. not much excitement.. i am imagining myself talking to a crowd.. motivator? a professional coach? i am not sure about it myself.. i want to explore.. i just hope i don’t get weight loss thinking about this.  It is like having a big dream.. and it is somewhere to grab.. but i haven’t make any step yet.

    I have a dream… A few of my friends always being supportive with my dreams..some dreams are impossible .. while other friends say..i am full of dreams.. well i guess either i prove them right or wrong it is up to me to take the challenges… i might move another step forward.


    Having a sweet dream at night..make you feel good in the morning..but achieving what you dream of doing..is a dream come true!