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    Unforgettable Romantic Movies

    I love watching movies..  genre movie i like  is romantic, comedy, musical.. something interesting to watch.. that can make me feel happy whole day… okay that include Bollywood movie of course..no doubt about that.

    Well..i have seen so many movies that is so touching..and interesting.. such as.. Titanic.. kuch kuch Hota Hei..Pretty woman.. Just Like Heaven..oh..so many.. new.. or old movies…some i remember the story..but can’t remember the tittle… But of all the movies.. especially romantic comedy.. i got stuck with this two movies….



    My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) Julia Robert, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett, Philip Bosco, M. Emmet Walsh, Rachel Griffiths, Carrie Preston, D: P.J. Hogan.

    I love Rupert Everett in this movie.. love him so much..such a nice friend..too bad he is a gay..in the movie.  I also love the part where Julia try to make a fool of Cameron for asking her to sing… because she knows she can’t sing.. but she have to crowd to cheer her.. lol.. Julia was so desperate to get her best friend’s love and attention.. indeed sweet little angel.

    This video will refresh your mind…

    The other romantic movie i love is…



    While You Were Sleeping (1995) A story about love at second sight.

    It is  a sweet, charming, hilarious, and heartwarming romantic comedy. If you ask me, the way that Lucy (Sandra Bullock) and Peter (Peter Gallagher) met was very romantic.  Check out about the movie.. interesting.  How i wish i was as lucky as Lucy.. don’t we all..ladies?

    These two movies are so interesting..funny..romantic..so classic..and so unforgettable.

    I guess its so related to myself.. i mean ..those day..being young.. always checking with friends on  diet pill comparison.. what best.. the price..etc.. and that was the time when we were searching for the Mr.Right..knocking on our door..wishing..awww.. feel so good.. thinking of those days.

    Movies and Music..can really make me feel..like i am there..the time when i watched and listened to it long time ago.. bring the memories alive!


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    Let Them Show Their Funny Faces

    There were times.. i feel like i cannot handle a situation with my children.. especially…

    when my children ask too much… i just wish they stop asking..simply because i don’t have any answer for their questions anymore….

    when they were playing.. i just want them to sit quietly..

    when they fight over a  notebook computer i just wish they can share and play together..

    Sometimes when they fight with each other about something or whatever.. i will be their referee… sometimes i just let them solve it on their own.. indeed after they fight.. they will laugh and play again.

    I remember when me and my siblings were young.. we use to fight.. and laugh.. oh its just fun!..

    I think i just let them be like us..when we were young..let them have the wonderful memories with their siblings.. that is the process of learning.. for our children..and for us.. parents.. how we share…we love.. and we care for each other.

    Lets enjoy looking at  the naughty..and funny  faces of our children…when they grow up..it will be different.

    Picnik collage

    Despite of their funny faces.. a mother  only need to see their smile to make the whole day worth while.