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    Simply Me in Makeup


    The picture above is taken at our Appreciation’s Nite Dinner on 26 February 2010 in a Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru.¬† That is just one of the pictures taken on that night.. more picture in my other blog.

    Do you see the lady in red near me.. at the center.. okay.. she just retired.. but she look great.. i wonder what diet supplements is she taking.. i will ask her when i meet her…i want to look like that at that age for sure.

    So..this is just simply me..in makeup..


    If you have time..just go and check out the pictures in my other blog.. i did the makeup and hairdo myself… its been awhile i never touch that makeup kit….some says i look different that night.. well the answer is.. simply because i don’t really apply makeup to the office.. . so lazy to apply because i hate to remove it.

    Thanks to my parents for letting me have the time for myself while they took care of my children.

    Having a time to dress up in an occasion and be able  to do makeup and hairdo on my own.. is consider my personal achievement.