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Fever…Go Away!

Time check.. its 2:28am.. i couldn’t sleep.. i have been checking on my little girl who is having fever..  her fever showing no improvement since yesterday.. the problem is ..she don’t want to take her medication.. i have use all my tacticts ..from slow talk to aggresive action..well you know..have to force her to open her mouth.. gosh..that’s hard.

It was just last week..on Tuesday.. the time i pick up my son from school.. i saw his face so pale and walking as if he going to faint anytime… i had to carry him to the car..and my other hand carry his heavy bag..poor baby.. everybody was looking at me… and  i was having my pms on that day.. emotionally and physically disturbed…mmm poor me.

Yeah..its started last week..when my son had a fever.. viral infection …that’s what the doctor said.. and then last husband had cold and fever… and just this monday i was on little girl had her fever… but after given her paracetamol she was ok..the next day when sending them to daycare.. i can feel her warm body… i went to work.. updated schedule for my bos.. after an hour i left the office,  took my children from daycare and straight to the clinic..this is our first visit to a clinic… so here i am.. the second day of my leave… at home looking after my children.

I always make sure my children take their multivitamin and drink plenty of water every day just like me taking my prenatal vitamins during pregnancy… but what can i say..blame it on the hot weather.. even now …at this moment i can smell something like bush burning somewhere…we really need the rain to come down.

We..mother did all we can to protect our children from getting sick.. don’t blame yourself if they get sick..blame it on the weather…its easier.


Working mom


  • SJB

    OMG… macam semua pun sakit ni. Memang susah hati lah kau ni kan. Bah kasih dorang minum banyak air tu. Eh..begini lah bah kan kalau terlampau panas tu cuaca. Anyway, hope everything will be ok.

    Take care.

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