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Dreaming for a House

    I am happy with what i have today, a car.. which will be mine after July next year.. since i’m still paying..consider i share it with the bank.. hehe.. i have an apartment.. well not big but enough for us..just nice…but…

    On the other hand… i have my plan of building a small house in a big land.. where we use to live with my family…I just want to build a small house.. have a small playground for the children.. mini garden..with vegetables and flowers..that place  is 50min away from the city center..

    So many things to take into account… my kid’s school… need a maid to take care of them.. and it is far distance.. considering the jam.. how time would i reach home..

    I wish i can use the motorhome towing to tow the land to somewhere nearer to the city.. just a nice location.


    Let me just keep dreaming for a while..



    • SJB

      Ya memang best ada rumah sendiri. Boleh buat apa saja kau mahu. Tidak payah besar asal kan ada kan. Well, you never know maybe one day ada juga tu.

    • uncle Greg

      tinggal di apartment ok juga ada security 24/7 gia, tapi yang inda siuk parking (most of the apartments in town, kecuali condos) cuma ada satu and durang inda mau jual parking hehehe.

      sia pun stuju, ada tanah sendiri libih bagus …

      sekarang anak masih kicik, stay di apartment jak la nanti bila durang suda basar bah baru buat rumah di tanah sendiri hehehe jadi bila ada gathering sanang anak-anak, cucu-cucu mau parking karita durang hehehe

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