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    Dreaming for a House

      I am happy with what i have today, a car.. which will be mine after July next year.. since i’m still paying..consider i share it with the bank.. hehe.. i have an apartment.. well not big but enough for us..just nice…but…

      On the other hand… i have my plan of building a small house in a big land.. where we use to live with my family…I just want to build a small house.. have a small playground for the children.. mini garden..with vegetables and flowers..that placeĀ  is 50min away from the city center..

      So many things to take into account… my kid’s school… need a maid to take care of them.. and it is far distance.. considering the jam.. how time would i reach home..

      I wish i can use the motorhome towing to tow the land to somewhere nearer to the city.. just a nice location.


      Let me just keep dreaming for a while..