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Please Share Your Ideas

Oh.. i can say i am out of ideas!… where to get ideas? inspiration? oh i really need that right now.   My mind are preoccupied with so many things right now.. but not for my blog.. lucky i am not in an insurance advertising market..or else i will be out of job. I need goodContinue Reading “Please Share Your Ideas”

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Contact lense or Eyeglasses

I have been wearing eyeglasses since secondary school.. oh i just hate it.. but there were my classmate whom i remember wear eyeglasses just for fashion… i mean she thought it was cool.. good for her. When i start working.. i started wearing contact lenses.. i use the clear color.. so its like my originalContinue Reading “Contact lense or Eyeglasses”

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I Have A Dream

I better keep writing before i get out of ideas .. okay let me ask you… Are you happy? .. are you? to me..i happy to have a family..i have wonderful husband who help me a lot.. who cook better then me.. well.. give him credit.. not everybody that lucky.. and i am happy forContinue Reading “I Have A Dream”