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    Please Share Your Ideas

    Oh.. i can say i am out of ideas!… where to get ideas? inspiration? oh i really need that right now.   My mind are preoccupied with so many things right now.. but not for my blog.. lucky i am not in an insurance advertising market..or else i will be out of job.

    I need good material for my blog…at least something.. give me something…please?  Do you have any ideas? something you want me to write here… do you have good story to share?  pictures to share… or even secret.. simply anything.


    I welcome you to give me feedback..if you don’t like to drop a comment here.. please email me at ellie1174@yahoo.com.

    Share your grieve will ease your burden..share your thoughts will make you wiser… sharing is simply giving and accepting!


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    Contact lense or Eyeglasses

    I have been wearing eyeglasses since secondary school.. oh i just hate it.. but there were my classmate whom i remember wear eyeglasses just for fashion… i mean she thought it was cool.. good for her.

    When i start working.. i started wearing contact lenses.. i use the clear color.. so its like my original eye color..and again..i found out few friends wearing color contact lenses.. for fashion..and becoming trendy that everybody wearing lenses color in hazel, light green, light brown.. etc.

    Once i got married.. i started wearing eyeglasses again.. i thought that would be easier.. i keep on changing glasses due to trend updating and when my vision got blur..so its time to change.. i usually got discount prescription eyeglasses from the shop.

    Just recently.. well last year..i started using contact lenses again.. i feel comfortable.. easier to grab any dark glasses rather then using dark glasses with degree which i usually did.. i have my glasses on..and when driving time.. i wear my dark glasses.

    Contact lenses and Eyeglasses are becoming trendy nowadays..

    Different people got different opinion that suits us.. to me..for now..i prefer contact lenses. Check out this glasses with my name on..



    Choose the eyeglasses that suits your face figure..walk with confident and smile..then .. you will be alright!


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    I Have A Dream

    I better keep writing before i get out of ideas .. okay let me ask you… Are you happy? .. are you? to me..i happy to have a family..i have wonderful husband who help me a lot.. who cook better then me.. well.. give him credit.. not everybody that lucky.. and i am happy for having a son and a daughter.. they can make me go nuts and happy at the same time.. some couple have been trying to get a son or a daughter…while i got both.. without even planning of it.

    So..i am happy with the family i have.. and friends around me.. but what about your personal achievement?  Are you happy with your job?. to me.. i am happy for where i am today.. i have always dream to have my own space.. the pay is good…a great and understanding boss..1 in a 100…haha… but i feel like i am living in a box.. not much challenge.. not much excitement.. i am imagining myself talking to a crowd.. motivator? a professional coach? i am not sure about it myself.. i want to explore.. i just hope i don’t get weight loss thinking about this.  It is like having a big dream.. and it is somewhere to grab.. but i haven’t make any step yet.

    I have a dream… A few of my friends always being supportive with my dreams..some dreams are impossible .. while other friends say..i am full of dreams.. well i guess either i prove them right or wrong it is up to me to take the challenges… i might move another step forward.


    Having a sweet dream at night..make you feel good in the morning..but achieving what you dream of doing..is a dream come true!