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Learning is Fun

    The CNY Holiday give me the opportunity to have a week break.. break from going to get my son from school in the afternoon..but i still send them to daycare.. at least we don’t have to wake up so early in the morning.

    At home they still follow the routine… long as they have their time sitting ..doing their tv..appreciate the moment with books..that is their daily routine..i hope it continues.. just don’t break the habits.

    I want to educate them..that learning is fun and its a that they enjoy doing it.. there are times i got pressure when they can’t do what i want them to do.. or read.. but i make myself understand that they are learning.. and so do i..

    Picnik collage

    They were happy for the holidays..just like mummy.. but now i need to start my routine..driving under the hot sun.. waiting in the car..and sometimes at the school area for sean to come out…need to surf to get product for tired mummy.

    Learning is fun!



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