My Design For You…

Since i start blogging.. i always check who commented my post.. but i know some viewers just like to read but don’t bother to comment.. why? well.. i do check some blogs too..and sometimes you don’t know what to comment.. its like..oh okay..nice post.. continue blog hop..once you leave the blog.. if you have register yourself in blogcatalog or google.. its either you comment or not.. we can see your picture in the widget.. and if you follow the blog via google.. we know you were there.. you left your footstep.

Its either you leave your comment or not.. its a pleasure for me to have you in my blog.. to read my post..or just a what we blogger need..but I am grateful for those who leave comments.

Today.. i just love to give a special thanks to her.. for being  supportive .. i have seen her comments.. in every post i write.. i wanted to send gifts for her .. mmm..don’t know what to give.. well maybe next time when she come ..we could meet.

The only thing.. i can think of right now is a design for her.. its been a while i never design for anybody.. so i just hope she like it…

SJB.. her is something for me to you… thank you dear!.. From Beautiza to SJB…my appreciation to you.

Thank you..



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3 Responses to “My Design For You…”

  1. SJB says:

    I love it. Thank you so much heheh. Saya pun tidka tahu apa mahu cakap. Wahhhh special for me lagi tu hehhehe. Thank you Shirley, thank you.

  2. shirley says:

    consider it as an award… hehe..

  3. cathj says:

    That was wonderful!!! ^_^

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