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My Children

My nephews and niece came back from Australia.. my brother doing his research while family taking the opportunity…this picture were taken during Christmas last year…

It has been two years they have not meet each other.. so when they met.. havoc…if you want to slimquick…you can take care of them.. for a day….

The girls.. the voice.. i tell you.. like a trumpet.. echoing to your ear… if they scream for the whole day.. and you dont make them stop… side effect.. buli tuli telinga…..anyway.. they are my great inspirations.

My indian and chinese.. haha… Chrissa and Bridget.. they love posing in front of the camera…

Picnik collage girls

The boys… well you know when they in the team.. Ultraman.. the elder.. Dawson.. the two best buddies.. Daniel and Sean.

Picnik collage

They had great fun time together.. now they are back to Australia.. huhu.. sadly for my kids.. missing them already.

Naughty, Smart, Active children.. are Normal Children.. don’t let them change..they will change on their own.. just teach them good behavior and have faith in God.



  • SJB

    Memang tu kalau cousin jumpa cousin sudah hahahah, teringat saya waktu kami diKK. Satu rumah bah bising heheh.

    Note: Lucu juga saya tengok tu ultraman hehehe cute bah.

  • Cay

    Yes betul bah kalau sudah cousin berjumpa ..mmg riuh rendah rumah oohhh buli pengsan kalau lama2 hahaha …but thts how kids are kan ..tak kan main duduk diam2 jah ….

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