I Listen to LiteFM

    I use to listen to The Lite Breakfast with Simon and Caroline.. .. i love listening to them.. but i stop listening to them but since they add another member…the show become crowded.. my husband said.. too many people talking.. and want to listen to other station.. we have been changing..listening to one station to another.. we listen to few.. funny.. talk too much.. irritating…boring..

    Recently we start tuning in to Lite FM in the morning.. The Lite Breakfast with Zak and Sarah.. since listening to them.. we got stuck to the station.. love their combination..smooth..simple.. and easy..

    I don’t not only listen to the morning show.. i don’t have radio in the office so i use the internet to listen to LiteFM the whole day.. i love the Quote of the day in the website.. well they should have insurance quotes too… for financial reminder.


    The other reason why i listen to Lite FM..simply because its famous for the 80s.. make me feel so young..remembering the old days..

    I dont get paid to write this.. sharing wonderful music..my pleasure listening you might love it too.


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    1. chegu carol says:

      when i was still in kgau, i used to listen to traxx fm cos thats the only english radio station that we can tuned in to while in keningau (beside the sabah vfm la)…now, i listen to lite fm cos thats the only english radio station that has regular news…i.e. 6am, 7am, 8am… and i enjoy getting some news updates while driving to work.

    2. shirley says:

      iya chegu.. byk useful info kan litefm.. i use to listen to other station..siok juga..tapi baanyak cakap boring sya.. sometimes.. my hubby tukar channel kadazan kalu 6am..siok juga kadang..

    3. Cay says:

      My radio in the office always tuning in the lite fm …

    4. SJB says:

      Saya pun suka dengar radio, tapi lain lah radio station sini ni hehehe.

    5. vj says:

      Thank you for the MUSIC(songs). You really light up my nights. Keep it up!

    6. Premjeet Kaur says:

      I love listening to all the 80’s songs but the thing I love most about the station is the numerous messages educating people against animal abuse & cruelty. So far no other radio station has done this much to save lives of those who cannot speak for themselves. Would appreciate if the station would also advice listeners on the effectiveness of spaying pets to curb over population as this is also one form of cruelty. Thank you & keep up the good work.

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