Where Do I Get My Ideas From?

My friend asked me….’how did you do that’?…  ‘so many post in your blog? .. where do you get your ideas from?’...

Where..? well i guess it comes naturally on what happened..yesterday.. today… The story i do not only about family and friends.. but also my own personal thoughts..

How? reading can be helpful… doesn’t matter what books, magazine.. or from the internet..whatever information you want and you like to share you can just write it in your blog..

There are times i run out of ideas.. .don’t have any topics to talk about..mmm that’s the time i can get my adult acne.. hehe.. think.. think..think..

My answer is in front of me all the time…. i look at my children..they are my inspiration… they are my story… but to write something different.. i just retype any interesting article from any source.. for the sake of sharing.. of course i mentioned from where i got it.. i don’t want to get summon from the writer.


If you don’t have any picture to come with your post.. rather than make it plain..just use any graphics.. i love Glitter Graphics.. it have been great help and put color in my story.

Okay.. you got it from me.. i hope you will have more ideas..and keep on blogging!


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One Response to “Where Do I Get My Ideas From?”

  1. SJB says:

    Ya bah, kadang saya pun terfikir tu hahah.

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