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My Fashion & Beauty’s Blog Activated

Hear me! Hear me!…i feel the energy of a Tiger… i am roaring like one..groar…. do you hear me? better do.. i am loud.

I want to be heard and be seen.. watch me going this year.. i might walk..stumble..fall..but will walk again.. i will try not to run…i just go slow and steady.  I am actually promoting my other blog that have been sleeping quite a long time…zzzz… it’s awaken.. and roaring like a tiger.

Try my best to give you …latest trend, tips on Makeup..upload useful videos from useful resources.   Will also review on  makeup…skin care.. face cream reviews.. just anything that i come across… but please bear in mind.. that is just only my personal view.


More post on Fashions… updates.. latest ..will try to upload my latest design.. mmm no promises on this one.

BEAUTIZA’S ON FASHION & BEAUTY waiting for your visit…see you there!

Fashion is my passion…beauty is my game!



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