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Where Do I Get My Ideas From?

My friend asked me….’how did you do that’?…  ‘so many post in your blog? .. where do you get your ideas from?’… Where..? well i guess it comes naturally on what happened..yesterday.. today… The story i do not only about family and friends.. but also my own personal thoughts.. How? reading can be helpful… doesn’tContinue Reading “Where Do I Get My Ideas From?”

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My Fashion & Beauty’s Blog Activated

Hear me! Hear me!…i feel the energy of a Tiger… i am roaring like one..groar…. do you hear me? better do.. i am loud. I want to be heard and be seen.. watch me going this year.. i might walk..stumble..fall..but will walk again.. i will try not to run…i just go slow and steady.  IContinue Reading “My Fashion & Beauty’s Blog Activated”