I Love My Life as a Mommy & a Wife

    I do not need to find a job that is greater than this.. tougher than this….complicated than this… harder than this.. sweeter than this…wonderful than this…


    You are the boss for your children.. and at the same time you are their maid, their nurse, their teacher, their parents..   You see… how special it is to be a Mother.

    Same goes of being a Wife.. you are your husband’s girlfriend, companion, partner, maid, nurse… the list goes on.

    Being a Mother and a Wife we understand our family very well… you remember your husband’s and each one of your child’s birthday, ic number, hp number…can they remember yours? i sure hope so.

    No doubt there are frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction and disagreement..but we manage it anyhow.

    God bless all mummies and wives.. your family will remember you as the best mummy and a wonderful wife.


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    2 Responses to “I Love My Life as a Mommy & a Wife”

    1. vie says:


      I totally agree with you…. well said!


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