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I Turn To You…

The time i want to share my sorrow but nobody seems to understand..

The time i want a shoulder to cry on..but nobody there for me…

The time i am in anger.. nobody there to calm me..

The time i am in a rush.. nobody to help me..

I turn to you….

The time i am hurt.. nobody can heal me…

The time i fall.. nobody to hold me…

The time i am sad ..nobody to cheer me..

I turn to you…


I turn to you Lord….

For comfort.. for my inner peace.. for strength…for calmness..

I turn to you Lord…

For forgiveness… for love…

I easily lose my appetite.. especially when i get angry and tired… grrr.. i don’t need any appetite suppressants…I just need myself totally focus.

How about you? where and who do you turn to?


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