Why You Never Get Fat?

966765fqv7e3djf6I get used to get questions.. ‘why  you never get fat?’.. why? well.. actually i love to eat.. yummy..yummy.. but i can’t eat much.. if i eat more than i usually does.. i feel like vomiting.. and i feel like i don’t get enough oxygen to my head.. seriously.. you ask me again..why? ..that’s the only reason i can give you.

One more thing… my mother use to serve us a small size plate with  small portion of rice.. if we want to eat more.. then we can add more rice.. we are practicing portion control….. i am use to the discipline it will be hard for me to break it…so i guess we are used to it… oh i got to thanks my mum on this..thanks mum!

My other problem is.. when i get tired.. i will skip my food..or i take just tiny bits.. no rice.. You know there are kind of people when they got stress they like to eat..eat..eat.. i am the opposite of it.. i don’t like foods when i’m tired or stress…too bad ha.

I cannot give you any phentermine reviews because i don’t really take any diet pills or whatsoever.. i love to eat.. but eating have a limit.

If you want to eat more than you capable of eating..then..eat.. but does that make you satisfied? does that make you healthy? does that make you happy? the only person who have the answer is you!


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2 Responses to “Why You Never Get Fat?”

  1. SJB says:

    Begitu lah bah tu hahahaha. Tapi tamaha kan tu lah.

    Note: Love the carton, makan nasi lagi tu hehehe, cute bah.

  2. chegu carol says:

    ya, me also like that. if too much food, rasa macam mo muntah ni. and i also dont really do snacking in between meals.

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