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Gong Xi Fa Chai

Gong Xi Fa Chai.. to all of you  celebrating Chinese New Year!..whatever root of Chinese you are from…. My great grandmother is a Chinese..    does that still make me a chinese..or half chinese?

This year we are welcoming the year of the Tiger..this is my year.. some predicted this year economy will be good..some say it get worse… they only predict.. but we make it happen..how we want this year to be is up to us.. but things like natural disaster cannot be avoided.  The only thing we need to do is..plan, act..and make it happen.. but always have God to guide us.


I love Chinese New Year… but the only things that bother me is the sound of the firecrackers at night.. this few days..i have sleepless night..i never forget to put on my eye and wrinkle creams before i got to bed.. because i never get a proper sleep..not until the celebrations over…  my children love the fireworks though.. it is so beautiful.. you can forget about the loud sound.. the fireworks is just magic.


Gong Xi Fa Chai!.. May this year bring us happiness, good health and wealth!



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