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    The Sunset

    How nice to look at the sunset…saying goodbye to the day….no more daylight..it will be darkness of the night but thanks to the moon.for giving us light at night.. the next day it will be day and night again.. its just the circle of days..months…and years.

    We took this picture last weekend.. at the Tanjung Aru Beach.. sunset almost went down..we were late.. but still enjoying the day..


    Chrissa and Sean had a walk on the sea..got wet  in the water.. and dirty themselves with the sand.. who can’t resist that?..its just a while but getting them back is another story..you know what i mean..and it can be one of the diets that work … just walk.. get rid of the extra kilos.


    The starting.. it was just a small little steps…  but after awhile…they want to go further…so scary.. i don’t really like sea its scared me.. one of the reasons is i can’t swim..and i was once almost drown when i was a little girl.. just walking should be ok.


    After having the walk… we took our dinner at one of the stalls…it was great.. will do that again.

    Enjoying today.. because tomorrow will never be the same!