Apple Jelly

I posted about the jellete set ..a tupperware products… i bought it.. and made apple jelly… easy weasy..hehe.  When you know you have safety products and food prepare your own.. you know its hygenic and safe for the family.

What you need is ..

  • Gelatin or jelly (any products) i use Western Family, Strawberry flavor.
  • An apple (cut it into small cube)

Mix the gelatin with water.. (follow the instruction given).. meanwhile put the apple in each jellete container (depending how many you like).. ..


Then pour in the gelatin in the jellete container.. and keep it in the refregirator … after few hours.. until it ready.. you know when its ready.


Once its cold.. it become jelly.. yummy.. yummy.. you kids will enjoy it.. mine did.


Let me surf for other healthy recipes and try it on the jellete set… i will let you guys informed for the latest recipe.

Happy trying ladies…


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2 Responses to “Apple Jelly”

  1. SJB says:

    I love jelly, but my kids tidak suka lah pulak. Sedih kan.

  2. shirley says:

    tiapa bah.. ko ja makan..hehe..yg penting ko suka..sya pula tia brapa kids suka..

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