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My Saturday Nite

Oh my.. i have been busy in the office… at home.. haven’t have time to update my blog.
Just to share with you how wonderful my weekend was, my hubby got to work late last Friday.. i was worried about going out quite late to fetch him.. luckily my sister was free.. and volunteer to watch over my children. My sister was at my house early.. when i was home with my children.. waah.. the house was so clean and neat.. …oh ya reminds me to buy discount rugs i have seen in the supermarket …hehe… and she was preparing dinner in the kitchen.. what a day that was for me…. I went out to fetch my husband.. and make use of the moment to spend time together..dinner together.

Saturday was great… my sister was still there.. and also my aunt and her daughter.. oh..ya.. my aunt cut my daughter’s hair.. yihaa.. save my money… My sister went back with my auntie.

That evening.. i let my husband took care of our children while i went out with my friend carol,..she belanja me dinner in Grace Point.. being wanted to go there.. that was my first time.. i love the place…mmm nice place and variety selection of foods…. will go there again.. anybody want to bring me there again?.. had a great time.. long chat we had..hehe..
She thought the night was still was around 10.40pm i guess.. can’t remember.. she bring me to another place.. D’Junction.. haha.. wah.. happening lah.. its been so long i never enter place with loud music since i got married… haha..thank you carol… lets do it again!

This gives me an idea.. why not we ladies bloggers.. meet up .. and have fun.. lets have a Mummies Nite Out!.. please comment and make suggestion or i will post about it later.



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