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    Learning is Fun

      The CNY Holiday give me the opportunity to have a week break.. break from going to get my son from school in the afternoon..but i still send them to daycare.. at least we don’t have to wake up so early in the morning.

      At home they still follow the routine… coloring..revising..reading..as long as they have their time sitting ..doing their work..no tv..appreciate the moment with books..that is their daily routine..i hope it continues.. just don’t break the habits.

      I want to educate them..that learning is fun and its a games..so that they enjoy doing it.. there are times i got pressure when they can’t do what i want them to do.. or read.. but i make myself understand that they are learning.. and so do i..

      Picnik collage

      They were happy for the holidays..just like mummy.. but now i need to start my routine..driving under the hot sun.. waiting in the car..and sometimes at the school area for sean to come out…need to surf www.msmlotion.net to get product for tired mummy.

      Learning is fun!


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      I Listen to LiteFM

        I use to listen to The Lite Breakfast with Simon and Caroline.. .. i love listening to them.. but i stop listening to them but since they add another member…the show become crowded.. my husband said.. too many people talking.. and want to listen to other station.. we have been changing..listening to one station to another.. we listen to few.. funny.. talk too much.. irritating…boring..

        Recently we start tuning in to Lite FM in the morning.. The Lite Breakfast with Zak and Sarah.. since listening to them.. we got stuck to the station.. love their combination..smooth..simple.. and easy..

        I don’t not only listen to the morning show.. i don’t have radio in the office so i use the internet to listen to LiteFM the whole day.. i love the Quote of the day in the website.. well they should have insurance quotes too… for financial reminder.


        The other reason why i listen to Lite FM..simply because its famous for the 80s.. make me feel so young..remembering the old days..

        I dont get paid to write this.. sharing wonderful music..my pleasure listening you might love it too.


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        My Children

        My nephews and niece came back from Australia.. my brother doing his research while family taking the opportunity ..holiday…this picture were taken during Christmas last year…

        It has been two years they have not meet each other.. so when they met.. havoc…if you want to slimquick…you can take care of them.. for a day….

        The girls.. the voice.. i tell you.. like a trumpet.. echoing to your ear… if they scream for the whole day.. and you dont make them stop… side effect.. buli tuli telinga…..anyway.. they are my great inspirations.

        My indian and chinese.. haha… Chrissa and Bridget.. they love posing in front of the camera…

        Picnik collage girls

        The boys… well you know when they in the team.. Ultraman.. the elder.. Dawson.. the two best buddies.. Daniel and Sean.

        Picnik collage

        They had great fun time together.. now they are back to Australia.. huhu.. sadly for my kids.. missing them already.

        Naughty, Smart, Active children.. are Normal Children.. don’t let them change..they will change on their own.. just teach them good behavior and have faith in God.