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The Guilt..

It have been a month doing my routine.. Even though i am beginning to use to this routine but i am still complaining.

Yesterday my son finished school at 1.00pm, i came there late.. stuck in the jam.. worse.. the lady in front of me stop her car..blocking all the cars behind.. i couldn’t move mine..i blocked other cars.. same goes to the rest.

Feeling guilty, i asked the lady if is it ok to leave the car like that.. the answer..’its normal’.. oops..okay.. i imagine having some car hit my bumper just to move it away..

While waiting for my son in the waiting area.. i was worried about my car.. if i have  security systems protecting my car..i don’t mind.

Today i want to go a bit early to get a good place to park.. i don’t want to feel guilty and selfish.

When you know you are wrong, you will feel guilty and imagine how many curses you will get..your choice.



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